Osvaldo Cariboni was born in Colico (Lecco) in 1881, the eldest son of Giovanni Cariboni owner of the "Sport" hotel with workshop annexed.
So this workshop became the original core of a company with proven ability to design and production of innovative products: from the first Italian experience of railway electrification, to busways for power plants; from the terminal board for high voltage lines to power supplies of complex systems of handling; from big floodlights for light towers up to any type of lighting fitting for indoor and outdoor.

Once Osvaldo Cariboni graduated as chief mechanical technician, he worked at Ganz company in Budapest (among the largest multinational corporations of that era) which at that time was carrying out the construction of the electrified railway line Lecco-Colico branched off to Sondrio and Chiavenna.

Ganz supervisors already considered him as an esteemed technician insomuch as the following year they offered to young Cariboni the opportunity to go first in the United States, then in Canada, by engaging in important electrification works.

Osvaldo Cariboni returned to Italy and left Ganz company with which for years maintained important relationships of collaboration, in paternal workshop in Colico he began producing accessories for power lines that brought significant innovations on what learned in previous experiences. Cariboni company was founded.

Cariboni opened the plant in Milan.

He settled other offices in Messina.

Cariboni realized new workshops in Pescate (Lecco). In the meantime, at the end of the Roaring Twenties took office the second generation represented by sons of Osvaldo, that is, Dino, Aldo, Enzo and Paride who in 1936 left the group to create the eponymous construction company.

Immediately after World War II Cariboni became the protagonist, on the whole national territory, for the "reconstruction" of the railway facilities and electricity production damaged by the war.

Osvaldo Cariboni "passed the baton" to the next generation and the firm became a Limited Company. The development was relentless: near the end of Sixties ICES accessories factory for railway signaling was absorbed like so Elettrocommerciale company specializing in the commercialization of electrical products in general.

Construction activity in Sicily from 1923 gave life to Cariboni South, with offices near Milazzo, a factory specialized in the construction of trellis poles for power lines and big light towers.

Two important events occurred: the third generation entrance into the company and the acquisition of F.I.R. Fabbrica Italiana Riflettori Gariboldi, with factories in Milan, at that time considered the primary Italian lighting company. Thus Cariboni Illuminazione was born.
From that time began to develop so impressive the lighting connotation, firstly held by Pio, who died prematurely, then held by Dante and Elisa.

Dante and Elisa Cariboni inaugurated new headquarters of Cariboni group in Osnago (Lecco), near Milan.

Cariboni group acquired Fivep, important player in the industry, created by the merger between Fidenza Vetraria, specializing in high-quality fittings for outdoor and urban lighting, Pollice Illuminazione, particularly equipped in the manufacturing of high-tech performance fittings and Soldi & Scati, a leading manufacturer of road fittings for tunnel lighting, the latter acquired by the group in 1994.

Cariboni group has been one of the first companies to believe and invest in the production of LED luminaires and increase their knowledge obtaining in later years a range of products for outdoor urban, street, architectural and functional lighting, based on Italian know-how in terms of lighting, design, optics, electronics, materials science and manufacturing technologies.

On the occasion of the 101 years of history Cariboni group lighted up with LED sources the exhibition area and the outer perimeter of Plessi Museum, the first example of Italian museum on a motorway.

On a daily basis we work together with the lighting designers of small towns and big cities: cycle and pedestrian paths, vehicle routes, squares, parks & gardens and architecture; workspaces and areas for leisure, culture and well-being, for sport and mobility.

Cariboni group, in addition to the Italian production units of Osnago (Lecco) and Rovereto (Trento), is present in the world with its direct subsidiary Cariboni Lite France and with a series of commercial intermediaries widely distributed.
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