Technical / Electronic

Over the last 10 years, LED technology has improved considerably in terms of efficiency, passing from 16lm/W to 160lm/W devices.

Numerous types of LED are also now available to suit a wide range of installation contexts. Those used mainly by our company, include:

  • Power LEDs, suitable for street, urban, industrial and large areas contexts
  • Mid-power LEDs, ideal per retail and outdoor architecture


Optics R&D

Our optical systems allow us to shape the light emitted by the source. They are the distinctive heart that gives every luminaire its special character.
Our skills and research into lighting performance are therefore applied at every step in the entire production process chain, which includes:

  • Analysing requirements
  • Implementing development plans
  • Simulating real situations using special software
  • Creating prototypes
  • Validating that the prototype meets requirements

The entire process is developed and monitored by an in-house team consisting of experts specialised in researching optics, optoelectronics and the materials required to construct optical systems capable of exploiting latest generation light sources. This team works closely together with Optics Lite, a group member company that has been designing and producing optics for the lighting and industrial optics sector for over fifteen years.


Our aim is to understand and interpret clients' requirements and help them pinpoint the most advanced solutions in terms of technology, quality, ergonomic and style. To achieve this our experts supervise every detail of the process that includes:

  • Studying the characteristics and performance of each product in relation to the environment
  • Analysing the needs of every stakeholder, from the designer to the assembler, to the sales staff, installer and user
  • Identifying the best components on the market in terms of performance and cost
  • Anticipating eventual criticalities in installation, yield, use and maintenance



Cariboni group pursues the Total Quality, taking its stand on the following guiding principles:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification ensuring that the production process is monitored and suitable for the level of product quality required
  • CTFs (Customers' Testing Facilities) recognition awarded to our laboratory by the IMQ to guarantee that our tests and equipment comply with current European and international standards
  • ENEC marking certifies that all our products observe current European safety standards and our tested regularly by the IMQ
  • Incoming material tests conducted in accordance with statistical plans and via supplier service assessments
  • An advanced level of staff technical know-how achieved through training programmes conducted in collaboration with third party associations, universities and technological research institutes


Production process

Our philosophy is based on a concept of Total Quality achieved by monitoring every single step in our - strictly Made in Italy - production line, through:

  • Automated production processes with delicate assembly phases conducted with the help of anthropomorphic robots, guaranteeing assembly repeatability and component testing
  • Accurate functional checks and 100% device safety at the end of the manufacturing process
  • Serial number identification for each luminaire guaranteeing the traceability and re-traceability of components up to their release on the market
  • Advanced warehouse logistics management software based on radiofrequency technology with material flow mapping logic and tailor-made stocking processes


Energy savings

Our products are the result of a careful, technical and legislative analysis of the environment that has allowed us to achieve increased system efficiency and ideal light management in both new and existing facilities.

The research conducted by our laboratory technicians has also resulted in new optic combinations that optimize yield and minimize consumption and waste. Moreover, the partnerships we have built over the years with leading light source suppliers mean that our products boast some of the newest and highest performing resources on the market.


Sustainability plays a central role in our company philosophy, and includes:

  • Looking after the environment by conserving resources and reducing the impact of our work
  • Treating our stakeholders with care and respect