Ekleipsis Ceiling-Recessed

Indirect light LED product in three different sizes. Winner of Design Plus Award. Designed for both outdoors and indoors. A high standard of visual comfort. Trimless, recessed installation for plasterboard false ceilings. The product's design and the advanced technology of its reflected light optical systems offer an optimum level of visual comfort. There are no visible screws or fragile elements so higher safety and mechanical resistance standards are guaranteed. Colours: white RAL9003, grey RAL9006 and Sablé 100 Noir. Integrated electronic control gear. Symmetrical large beam optics. Colour temperature: 3000K and 4000K. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80. Medium and large versions are available on request with DALI. Luminaire with no photobiological risk ( EXEMPT GROUP) in compliance with EN 62471:2008 and the successive IEC/TR 62471:2009.

Nominal voltage220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Insulation classclass I
Protection level IPIP66
Protection against impactIK08
Colour temperature3000 K, 4000 K
Weight1.30 kg, 2.40 kg, 5.00 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06EK1D6300Asmallsymmetrical wide beamLED-1210004000grey RAL9006
06EK1D6300Csmallsymmetrical wide beamLED-1210004000Sablé 100 Noir
06EK1D6300Dsmallsymmetrical wide beamLED-1210004000white RAL9003
06EK1D6390Asmallsymmetrical wide beamLED-1210003000grey RAL9006
06EK1D6390Csmallsymmetrical wide beamLED-1210003000Sablé 100 Noir
06EK1D6390Dsmallsymmetrical wide beamLED-1210003000white RAL9003
06EK1H2300Amediumsymmetrical wide beamLED-1918004000grey RAL9006
06EK1H2300Cmediumsymmetrical wide beamLED-1918004000Sablé 100 Noir
06EK1H2300Dmediumsymmetrical wide beamLED-1918004000white RAL9003
06EK1H2390Amediumsymmetrical wide beamLED-1918003000grey RAL9006
06EK1H2390Cmediumsymmetrical wide beamLED-1918003000Sablé 100 Noir
06EK1H2390Dmediumsymmetrical wide beamLED-1918003000white RAL9003
06EK1O0300Alargesymmetrical wide beamLED-4636004000grey RAL9006
06EK1O0300Clargesymmetrical wide beamLED-4636004000Sablé 100 Noir
06EK1O0300Dlargesymmetrical wide beamLED-4636004000white RAL9003
06EK1O0390Alargesymmetrical wide beamLED-4636003000grey RAL9006
06EK1O0390Clargesymmetrical wide beamLED-4636003000Sablé 100 Noir
06EK1O0390Dlargesymmetrical wide beamLED-4636003000white RAL9003


  • [8881531,5571067,8896443,8874075,5563611,8888987]
    EKLEIPSIS SMALL recessed fitting kit for plasterboard ceilings
  • [8926267,5578523,8903899,8918811,5585979,8911355]
    EKLEIPSIS MEDIUM recessed fitting kit for plasterboard ceilings
  • [5600891,8941179,5593435,8956091,8933723,8948635]
    EKLEIPSIS LARGE recessed fitting kit for plasterboard ceilings