Fin xs Wall-Recessed

Wall recessed LED luminaires particularly suited to lighting paths, steps and halls. Indoor or outdoor installations. FIN XS can be installed in special Cariboni recessed housings or in normal 503 boxes for interiors. Colours: grey RAL 9006, white RAL 9003 and dark grey Sablé 100 Noir. Integrated control gear. Optics: large beam. Colour temperature: 3000K and 4000K. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80.

Nominal voltage230 V 50 Hz
Insulation classclass II
Protection level IPIP65
Protection against impactIK06
Colour temperature3000 K, 4000 K
Weight0.30 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06FX1B2307AFIN XS-horizontalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43004000grey RAL9006
06FX1B2307CFIN XS-horizontalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43004000Sablé 100 Noir
06FX1B2307DFIN XS-horizontalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43004000white RAL9003
06FX1B2397AFIN XS-horizontalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43003000grey RAL9006
06FX1B2397CFIN XS-horizontalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43003000Sablé 100 Noir
06FX1B2397DFIN XS-horizontalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43003000white RAL9003
06FX2B2307AFIN XS-verticalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43004000grey RAL9006
06FX2B2307CFIN XS-verticalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43004000Sablé 100 Noir
06FX2B2307DFIN XS-verticalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43004000white RAL9003
06FX2B2397AFIN XS-verticalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43003000grey RAL9006
06FX2B2397CFIN XS-verticalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43003000Sablé 100 Noir
06FX2B2397DFIN XS-verticalasymmetrical wide beam AS-DLED-43003000white RAL9003