Led Lite_1

A small adjustable LED floodlight suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Ideal for all kinds of lighting: facades, under-arches, display windows, statues and parks and gardens. Colour: grey RAL 9006. Available in three types of beam: blade, double blade and wall washer. The wall washer with prismatic glass version also acts as a spotlight. Colour temperature: 3000K and 4000K. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80. Also available with a blue LED. Remote control gear to be ordered separately. Design by Silvio De Ponte with the collaboration of Roberta Dimitri.

Nominal voltage230 V 50 Hz
Insulation classclass III
Protection level IPIP65
Protection against impactIK06
Colour temperature3000 K, 4000 K, Blue K
Weight0.35 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE
Warranty5 years for LED fittings


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06LA1A2401A-blade 10°2 LEDs50033504000grey RAL9006
06LA1A2402A-double-blades 2x5°2 LEDs50033504000grey RAL9006
06LA1A2405A-flood 40°2 LEDs50033504000grey RAL9006
06LA1A2461A-blade 10°2 LEDs5003125Bluegrey RAL9006
06LA1A2462A-double-blades 2x5°2 LEDs5003125Bluegrey RAL9006
06LA1A2465A-flood 40°2 LEDs5003125Bluegrey RAL9006
06LA1A2491A-blade 10°2 LEDs50033303000grey RAL9006
06LA1A2492A-double-blades 2x5°2 LEDs50033303000grey RAL9006
06LA1A2495A-flood 40°2 LEDs50033303000grey RAL9006


  • [7144283,7174107,7151739,7181563,7159195,7189019,7136827,7166651,7196475]

  • [7136827,7166651,7196475,7144283,7174107,7151739,7181563,7159195,7189019]
    Electronic driver IP65 for max 3 Led Lite 1 or max 4 Perla.


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