Omikron Flood

OMIKRON Flood offers solutions with LED technology for the illumination of buildings and places for culture, gatherings and leisure. The innovative optical systems designed for the Omikron line optimise visual comfort by ensuring high performance in terms of photometric distribution and luminous efficiency. Omikron Flood can be fixed directly on wall, ground and ceiling thanks to the ±30° rotatable and +90° 45° tiltable fixing base. Colour: sablé 100 noir. Optics: narrow beam 10°, medium beam 25°, wide beam 45° and ultra wide beam 90°. Colour temperature: 4000K, 3000K. CRI (colour rendering index): Ra ≥ 90. Average lifespan of LEDs > 125.000 h @500 mA @Ta25°C TM21 L80B20. Control systems available on demand: operation with the DALI Protocol. Classification: CUT OFF.

Nominal voltage220-240 V 50 Hz
Insulation classclass II
Protection level IPIP66
Protection against impactIK08
Colour temperature3000 K, 4000 K
Weight2.00 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06OM2A140A8C-narrow beam 10°CoB LED5001718754000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A140A9C-medium beam 25°CoB LED5001718754000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A140B0C-wide beam 45°CoB LED5001718754000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A140B2C-ultra-wide beam 90°CoB LED5001718754000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A149A8C-narrow beam 10°CoB LED5001718003000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A149A9C-medium beam 25°CoB LED5001718003000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A149B0C-wide beam 45°CoB LED5001718003000Sablé 100 Noir
06OM2A149B2C-ultra-wide beam 90°CoB LED5001718003000Sablé 100 Noir


  • [36192859,36222683,36200315,36230139,36207771,36237595,36185403,36215227]
    B137 2 - way connector IP68
  • [36207771,36237595,36185403,36215227,36192859,36222683,36200315,36230139]
    Picket for ground installation