M48 Area Flood

An LED professional floodlight for sport fields, roundabouts, car parks ad large areas, characterised by its particularly high lighting performance. The number of LED modules may vary from two to four depending on the level of performance required. Option of replacing any of the LED modules without having to make any manual electrical disconnections as there is no wiring between the modules. Colour: grey RAL9006. Asymmetrical optics. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 70. Average LED lifetime >100,000h @700mA @Ta25°C TM21 L80B20. Control systems available: virtual midnight self-learning system (custom programmable by the client), 1-10V, DALI and PLC on request. Luminaire with no photobiological risk (EXEMPT GROUP) in compliance with EN 62471:2008 and the successive IEC/TR 62471:2009. Classification: CUT OFF.

Nominal voltage220-240 V 50-60 Hz
Insulation classclass I , class II
Protection level IPIP66
Protection against impactIK08
Colour temperature4000 K
Weight17.00 kg, 21.80 kg, 26.10 kg
Labels and CertificationsENEC pending / CE
Warranty5 years for LED fittings


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06MQ5L6002AHM42 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R8700205294604000grey RAL9006
06MQ5L6003AHM42 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R8700205294604000grey RAL9006
06MQ5L6302AHM42 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R8350100170004000grey RAL9006
06MQ5L6303AHM42 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R8350100170004000grey RAL9006
06MQ5L6502AHM42 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R8525152237604000grey RAL9006
06MQ5L6503AHM42 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R8525152237604000grey RAL9006
06MQ5Q4002AHM43 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R12700308441954000grey RAL9006
06MQ5Q4003AHM43 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R12700308441954000grey RAL9006
06MQ5Q4302AHM43 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R12350149255004000grey RAL9006
06MQ5Q4303AHM43 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R12350149255004000grey RAL9006
06MQ5Q4502AHM43 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R12525228356404000grey RAL9006
06MQ5Q4503AHM43 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R12525228356404000grey RAL9006
06MQ5V2002AS4 modulesasymmetrical LT-5LED R16700410589254000grey RAL9006
06MQ5V2003AS4 modulesasymmetrical LT-6LED R16700410589254000grey RAL9006


  • [16225691,16300251,16277883,16255515,16337531,16218235,16292795,16270427,16233147,16307707,16210779,16285339,16262971,16344987]
    Ceiling fixing bracket AISI 316


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