Stratos Floodlight

Floodlights ideal for lighting large areas, sports fields, car parks and motorway junctions. The STRATOS range consists of two models: STRATOS A1000 and STRATOS 2000. Zinc-plated steel bracket, fitted with a goniometer for pointing. Side cover for changing lamps without altering pointing. Colour: standard grey RAL 7030. The STRATOS 2000 model is available with a large beam, or focused optics.

Nominal voltage230 V 50 Hz , 400 V 50 Hz
Insulation classclass I
Protection level IPIP65
Protection against impactIK05
Weight2.60 kg, 27.00 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
1S1005A2STRATOS A 1000asymmetricalST E 40-2 x 40056500-grey RAL7030
1S1006A4STRATOS A 1000asymmetricalMT E40-2 x 40035000-grey RAL7030
1S1008A2STRATOS A 1000asymmetricalST E40-1000130000-grey RAL7030
1S1049A4STRATOS A 1000asymmetricalMT E40-100085000-grey RAL7030
1S2005A2STRATOS 2000 Dwide beamST E40-2 x 40056500-grey RAL7030
1S2006A4STRATOS 2000 Dwide beamMT E40-2 x 40035000-grey RAL7030
1S2007A2STRATOS 2000 Cnarrow beamST E40-2 x 40056500-grey RAL7030
1S2008A4STRATOS 2000 Cnarrow beamMT E40-2 x 40035000-grey RAL7030
1S2009A4STRATOS 2000 Dwide beamMT E40-2000180000-grey RAL7030
1S2010A4STRATOS 2000 Cnarrow beamMT E40-2000180000-grey RAL7030
1S2013A2STRATOS 2000 Dwide beamST E40-1000130000-grey RAL7030
1S2015A2STRATOS 2000 Cnarrow beamST E40-1000130000-grey RAL7030
1S2054A4STRATOS 2000 Dwide beamMT E40-100085000-grey RAL7030
1S2056A4STRATOS 2000 Cnarrow beamMT E40-100085000-grey RAL7030


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