Cristal Led Walk Over Recessed

A compact, LED walk over recessed luminaire, designed for lighting both interiors and exteriors, and ideal for decorating lit pathways, green areas and architectural features. There are two size variants: small and medium. The "V" versions have a glass cover and the "V-I" a glass cover with an AISI 316 stainless steel ring at the front. Electronic power supply driver included. CRISTAL is suitable for all types of lighting thanks to three different light beam openings: focused symmetric, large beam symmetric and large beam asymmetric. Colour temperature: 3000K and 4000K. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80. The luminaire is supplied with a 1 m cable.

Nominal voltage230 V 50 Hz
Insulation classclass I
Protection level IPIP67
Protection against impactIK08
Colour temperature3000 K, 4000 K
Weight1.00 kg, 1.50 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE
Warranty5 years for LED fittings


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06CL2A4404Asmall Vnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06CL2A4405Asmall Vwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06CL2A4494Asmall Vnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06CL2A4495Asmall Vwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06CL4A4404Asmall V-Inarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06CL4A4405Asmall V-Iwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06CL4A4409AJsmall V-Iwide beam 90°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06CL4A4494Asmall V-Inarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06CL4A4495Asmall V-Iwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06CL4A4499AJsmall V-Iwide beam 90°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06CL6A9404Amedium Vnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06CL6A9405Amedium Vwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06CL6A9494Amedium Vnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06CL6A9495Amedium Vwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06CL8A9404Amedium V-Inarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06CL8A9405Amedium V-Iwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06CL8A9409AJmedium V-Iultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06CL8A9494Amedium V-Inarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06CL8A9495Amedium V-Iwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06CL8A9499AJmedium V-Iultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
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