M48 is a modular LED system characterised by its particularly high lighting performance. Each module is an independent optical unit. The various modules are connected mechanically and electrically by special joints that do not require the installer to add any extra wiring. The number of modules per lighting unit depends on the performance requested by the context to be lit. M48 is available in four different product configurations: M48 AREA, is designed to be ceiling-mounted and ideal for lighting retail and logistic buildings, industrial areas and stations; M48 AREA FLOOD, a professional floodlight for lighting sports structures, traffic underpasses and outdoor car parks; M48 FLOOD, a professional floodlight for lighting sports structures, large areas and outdoor car parks; M48 STREET is a street fixture ideal for lighting extra-urban roads, large road junctions and roundabouts. Colour: grey RAL9006. M48 AREA is also available in white RAL9003. Optics: square wide beam, rectangular asymmetrical wide beam, rectangular narrow beam, street and asymmetric. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 70. Average LED lifetime >160,000h @700mA @Ta25°C TM21 L80B20. M48 AREA is compatible with movement sensors and presence and light detectors, controlled by DALI protocol. 1-10V adjustment is available on request. M48 AREA FLOOD, M48 FLOOD and M48 STREET are supplied with virtual midnight self-learning systems that can be custom programmed or programmed on request for 1-10V adjustment or operation with DALI protocol. PLC regulation available on request. Luminaires with no photobiological risk (EXEMPT GROUP) in compliance with EN 62471:2008 and the successive IEC/TR 62471:2009.