Poli is a post top designed for cities and offering elevated visual comfort, which has been achieved through the slight recessing of the optical surface. It furnishes urban spaces with elegant and essential forms, which are emphasised at night by the light, enhancing the landscape with illuminated shapes.

The chromatic quality of the light is guaranteed by the high CRI and the different colour temperatures available: neutral white (4000K), warm white (3000K) and ultra-warm white (2200K). The 2200K versions, which reproduce the warm atmosphere of traditional sodium lights, improve the rendering of urban material colours and allow for a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

Components, materials and finishes have been chosen to be long-lasting and resistant to corrosion, overloading and knocks. The optical compartment, light source and power unit can be substituted for maintenance and updates in order to further prolong the lifespan of the product. Poli is supplied with cable and plug-socket connector in order to facilitate installation and connection to the mains electricity supply.

The standard versions are supplied with a light flux adjustment system that provides for a 30% reduction in flux at Virtual Midnight. Remote management systems, available on request, allow for the optimisation of maintenance works and a further reduction in system costs.

The product is also set up for the integration of sensors and communication devices that enable the Internet of Things and smart services for residents and tourists. Sensors and antennae can be added either during installation or later, as a system update. The mechanical interface used is that defined by the Zhaga Consortium’s Book 18, which guarantees administrations interoperability between the various products chosen for their area of jurisdiction.

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