Sigma Street

The Street solutions offer highly efficient multilayer optical systems for narrow (ST-01), medium (ME-01) or wide roads (LA-01) or squares, car parks and other urban spaces (LA-01). All the versions are available in neutral white (4000 K) and warm white (3000 K). The warm white version is particularly suitable for the lighting of old villages and historic centres. The products in the line are robust and reliable: components, materials and finishes have in fact been chosen to be long-lasting and resistant to corrosion, overvoltage and knocks. The source and the power and control unit can be substituted for maintenance and updates in order to further prolong the lifespan of the product. Energy savings are guaranteed not only by the use of LED technology, but also via the multiple options for the adjustment of the available light flux. The product is supplied with DALI cabling, outgoing cable and plug-socket connector for simple and rapid installation and connection to the mains power supply. Remote management, available on request, allows for the optimisation of maintenance works and a further reduction in system costs.


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