Cube Wall-Mounted

A particularly high lighting performance luminaire for wall or ground installation. Fixed or adjustable installation (using an articulated joint kit) ideal for lighting retail spaces, halls, arcades and green areas. Two sizes: small and medium. Colours: white RAL9003, grey RAL9006 or Sablé 100 Noir. Integrated control gear. Focused, large beam and wide beam optics available. LED version colour temperatures: 3000K and 4000K. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80.

Nominal voltage230 V 50 Hz
Insulation classclass I
Protection level IPIP65
Protection against impactIK06
Colour temperature3000 K, 4000 K
Weight1.50 kg, 3.00 kg
Labels and CertificationsCE


Codes Options Optics Source mA W Lm K Colour Download
06LC1A4404Asmallnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06LC1A4404Csmallnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066954000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC1A4404Dsmallnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066954000white RAL9003
06LC1A4405Asmallwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06LC1A4405Csmallwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066954000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC1A4405Dsmallwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066954000white RAL9003
06LC1A4409AJsmallultra-wide beam 80°/100°4 LEDs50066954000grey RAL9006
06LC1A4409CJsmallultra-wide beam 80°/100°4 LEDs50066954000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC1A4409DJsmallultra-wide beam 80°/100°4 LEDs50066954000white RAL9003
06LC1A4494Asmallnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06LC1A4494Csmallnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066503000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC1A4494Dsmallnarrow beam 8°4 LEDs50066503000white RAL9003
06LC1A4495Asmallwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06LC1A4495Csmallwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066503000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC1A4495Dsmallwide beam 40°4 LEDs50066503000white RAL9003
06LC1A4499AJsmallultra-wide beam 80°/100°4 LEDs50066503000grey RAL9006
06LC1A4499CJsmallultra-wide beam 80°/100°4 LEDs50066503000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC1A4499DJsmallultra-wide beam 80°/100°4 LEDs50066503000white RAL9003
06LC3A9404Amediumnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06LC3A9404Cmediumnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001415604000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC3A9404Dmediumnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001415604000white RAL9003
06LC3A9405Amediumwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06LC3A9405Cmediumwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001415604000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC3A9405Dmediumwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001415604000white RAL9003
06LC3A9409AJmediumultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001415604000grey RAL9006
06LC3A9409CJmediumultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001415604000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC3A9409DJmediumultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001415604000white RAL9003
06LC3A9494Amediumnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06LC3A9494Cmediumnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001414603000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC3A9494Dmediumnarrow beam 8°9 LEDs5001414603000white RAL9003
06LC3A9495Amediumwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06LC3A9495Cmediumwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001414603000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC3A9495Dmediumwide beam 40°9 LEDs5001414603000white RAL9003
06LC3A9499AJmediumultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001414603000grey RAL9006
06LC3A9499CJmediumultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001414603000Sablé 100 Noir
06LC3A9499DJmediumultra-wide beam 80°/100°9 LEDs5001414603000white RAL9003


  • [5966235,9284155,9351259,6018427,9261787,47921147,5981147,9299067,9276699,9343803,6010971,9254331,5973691,9291611,9269243,47928603,5988603,9306523]
    Articulated joint for wall-mounting for wall-mounting. Colour: dark grey sablè 100 noir.
  • [9567483,9656955,6048251,9604763,9582395,6078075,9560027,9649499,6040795,9597307,9574939,9664411,6055707,9552571,9642043,6033339,9589851,6107899]
    Articulated joint for wall-mounting for wall-mounting. Colour: dark grey sablè 100 noir.