May 2013

A Cube of light, Imola

Architectural and interior design project, signed by A2 Studio Gasparri & Ricci Bitti Associated Architects. Effedue is a building, with its striking beauty, has changed the urban context of Imola.

Everything is designed with criteria aimed at reducing the energy demand: the exploitation of solar radiation for the production of electricity, use of the winds to the needs of internal ventilation of the places and use of green for the mitigation of pollution caused by smog.

The facades to the south and west were made by a casing of extralight printed glass panels to protect the masonry.
Between the two elements a cavity of 80 cm in which were placed LEVANTE SMALL with asymmetrical optics, a "Made in Italy" functional product with a technologic heart realized exclusively to house LED sources, obtaining the emotional nocturnal effect of transparency and dematerialization desired by Luca Turrini, light designer of Format Design Studio, who signed the illuminating engineering project.


Architectural project: A2 Studio Gasparri & Ricci Bitti Associated Architects
Illuminating Engineering project: Luca Turrini light designer of Format Design Studio

Imola (Bologna), Italy

Levante Floodlight