March 2015

Al Rafaa Celebration Complex, Doha

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is considered as the economic and cultural centre of the country, where 60% of the national population lives.

The city is projected towards the future but, at the same time, it's rich in traditions, a place where marriage is a heart-felt event. This is the reason why the biggest fair in the world for spoused is held in Doha. Al Rafaa Celebration Complex is the new fabulous complex with five extra-luxury rooms, wich are dedicated to these events.

The lighting of the outdoor area is realised with double pole systems, equipped with PHOS PLUS and FLAT LINK fittings, both of these with 4000K LED sources and a special optics for wide areas.
A grazing light effect at ground enhances all the pedestrian areas; this effect has been achieved with PEYOTE fittings, equipped with 4000K LED sources and 180° optics.

Light Concept, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Doha, Qatar

Flat Link Pole Side, Peyote Grazer, Phos Plus Pole System