Arendal City

Arendal City


Cariboni group won the tender for the renovation of the public lighting in Arendal, Norway.
Arendal is considered the "Venice of the North", and is situated in the county of Aust-Agder. This town, which has 32,000 inhabitants, on September 2014, has organised a tender for the replacement of about 2,700 old lighting fittings, most of them equipped with mercury vapours lamps.
For the lighting of various residential areas of the town, Cariboni group delivered 2,300 KAI SMALL in the 12 LEDs and 28 LEDs versions, which replaced old fittings in various powers, granting an average energy saving of the 65%.
The replacement concerned also several lighting points in entry roads, which have been replaced by 400 OYSTER in 70W and 100W high pressure sodium versions.
All the LED products have been equipped with intelligent drivers, with power reduction based on the self learning of the virtual midnight, granting to the city the possibility to adjust and optimise the luminous flux according to the specific needs, gaining an even higher energy saving.

Project: Kommunalteknikk 4-2015





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