June 2015

Basilica Sant'Agostino, Piazza Cavalli and Mura Farnesiane, Piacenza

Cariboni group, together with Enel Sole and the municipality of Piacenza, takes part in the winning Italian production chain and contributes to light up the former Basilica of Sant’Agostino, the equestrian statues of Mochi at Piazza Cavalli and Mura Farnesiane of the Renaissance.

The artistic lighting system of Sant'Agostino has carried out by three installation points of lighting fixtures, using the existing supports of public lighting and traffic lights along the Stradone Farnese avenue and a new support placed to the left of the facade of the former Basilica.
In particular, on the support of public lighting placed in front of the facade, LED floodlights called LEVANTE SMALL / 42W / 3000K have been installed to light up the portal with the frieze showing Sant'Agostino, the upper part of the gable and the statue at the top of the gable; to the left and right side of the Basilica, on new supports, LED floodlights called LEVANTE SMALL / 42W / 3000K and NEWTON / 70W / 4000K have been placed and pointed respectively to the left and right side of the gable and the statue at the top, with the purpose of evenly light up the facades of the left and right. 

The artistic lighting system of the equestrian statues of Mochi provides lighting pedestals and statues. In this case LED light bars TRAIL / 19W / 3000K in length 1,250 mm and 650 mm have been installed for each statue and fixed to the parapet.

The project has been authorized, after inspection and lighting testing on site, by the Superintendence Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.

For lighting Mura Farnesiane, sixteenth-century ramparts which completely surrounded the inner city, have been used floodlights called MATRIX / 150W. The purpose of the installation is the enhancement of the ramparts, as a distinctive monumental-landscaped element of identity and recognition of the city and important part of the adjacent Park of the Walls.
Enel Sole

Piacenza, Italy

Levante Floodlight, Matrix Floodlight, Newton, Trail Walk Over Recessed
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