November 2013

Biomedical Campus, Rome

A building for didactics with a surface of 4,500 m², with a "trapezoid" shape, which guarantees 1,400 places and a library with 120 reading emplacements in the BIOMEDICAL CAMPUS in ROME.

A particular attention has been given to the planning of the trapezoid, designed by the architects Santiago Hernadez, Eduardo Lopez and Ambrogio Risari, taking care of the respect for the environment: LED lighting systems, photovoltaic and geothermic installations, water warming through the “recycling” of the heat of the air-conditioning system and special anti-dispersion external surfaces are the elements which characterize this modern eco-friendly structure.

The use of a new series of CUBE, FIN, LEVANTE and ONE4TWO architectural LED products by Cariboni group, has led to a new extremely satisfying lighting scenery, of huge emotional impact but, at the same time, functional, which enables to obtain an important energy saving thanks to the new high efficiency LED sources.

Illuminating Engineering project: Arch. Ambrogio Risari of Milan

Rome, Italy

Cube Wall-Mounted, Fin Wall-Recessed, Levante Floodlight, One4two Ceiling-Mounted