May 2018

Castle, Kutjevo

Kutjevo castle has three wings which close a vast backyard and a beautiful church. It was built in the first half of the 18th century and over the time, it changed owners and appearance. Kutjevo as a town is well-known for its fine wine and as a very fertile land. The castle is most famous for its wine cellars.

The entire architectural set was built by Jesuits from 1704 till 1735.The Castle as it is today is a part of the former Jesuit set which consisted of a convent church, residence (later to become a castle), and manors and gardens, and was established on the remains of a Cistercian Abbey. It changed appearance and owners during time, and during the upgrade in the 1990s its historical originality was preserved.
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City of Kutjevo

Kutjevo, Croatia

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