January 2018

Castle, Vigevano

Cariboni Group, in collaboration with Trecentoundici Srl and Municipality of Vigevano, lights up the Sforza Castle of Vigevano.

The Castle
The Sforza Castle of Vigevano can be considered a small city in the city, being by extension one of the largest fortified complexes in Europe. It occupies an area of over 70,000 m², including 25,000 of roofing, to which must be added 36,000 m² of courtyard. It could contain twice Buckingham Palace, three times the St. Peter's Basilica and six times the Milan Cathedral. The first nucleus dates back to the Lombard age (7th-10th century), while its transformation into a noble residence is due to the Visconti (in particular to Luchino Visconti) and to the Sforza in particular to Ludovico il Moro. With the end of the Sforza dynasty (1535) the castle passed to the Spaniards and began a slow decline. Towards the middle of the nineteenth century it became the barracks of the Sardinian Army and then of the Royal Italian Army and remained the military headquarters until 1968.

The project
The project for the redevelopment of the external lighting of this huge complex was requested by Eng. Carlo Alberto Aniassi, Head of Technology System Department of Municipality of Vigevano, with the aim of replacing the old 250W halogen headlamps with LED floodlight called LEVANTE with asymmetrical optics and an absorbed power of 46W that could improve the quality of the space and the wellbeing of people and above all guarantee the municipality an energy saving of over 80%
The plant, designed by Trecentoundici of Vigevano, allows the management of separate lighting of fittings groups (Braidense, Leonardiana, Maschio, etc.) and, thanks to a UPS system, in the absence of electricity, it guarantees an hour and a half of lighting in escape routes, guaranteeing security during evening events.
Trecentoundici Srl
Eng. Carlo Alberto Aniassi, Head of Technology Systems Department Municipality of Vigevano

Vigevano (Pavia), Italy

Levante Floodlight