September 2017

Eurosets, Medolla

Cariboni group is providing the lighting for the new eco-sustainable headquarters of Eurosets, an Italian company which is one of the international leaders in the production of biomedical devices.

Following the environmental disasters that have struck Emilia in 2012 and 2014, Eurosets has decided to completely rebuild the headquarters in Medolla. This eco-sustainable construction of over 12,000 m² has been built on a total area of 31,000 m², based on an energy saving and green approach. As well as taking the anti-seismic criteria into account, it also features a 100% LED lighting system, walls with high thermal insulation and a 100% recyclable waste system, along with the installation of photovoltaic panels.

The construction
The manufacturing complex, designed by studio Inhabito, is made up of two separate buildings with an inner courtyard: to the west is the two-storey corporate headquarters with a rooftop garden, and to the east are the pavilions devoted to the production departments and the raw material warehouse. The two buildings are connected via a central area, which is a meeting point intended to accommodate the common canteen and meeting rooms as well as to ensure an effective link between the various business departments.

100% LED lighting
Cariboni group has provided different LED solutions for the external areas which are specific to each department's requirements. EKLEIPSIS CEILING-MOUNTED to light up the main entrance and the areas linking the two buildings, EKLEIPSIS BOLLARD to light up the external area, CRISTAL LED WALK OVER RECESSED for the external perimeter lighting of the corporate headquarters and LEVANTE FLOODLIGHT for the external perimeter lighting of the manufacturing departments.

The project objectives
The project objectives have tended to meet specific functional requirements, linked to the production layout, ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of workers and maximising energy savings through a new and comprehensive LED lighting system.

"The reconstruction of our production plant, which was completed in record time, is a success from both a professional and a personal point of view, achieved thanks to the passion and determination of all everyone involved." commented a proud Antonio Petralia, the Technical Scientific Director and Clinical Manager of Eurosets.

Press Review:

Architectural project and DL general: studio Inhabito
Project and DL structures: studio Tassinari e Associati
Design and DL mechanical engineering: studio Tecnoprogetti s.s.
Design and DL electrical systems: studio ETA project S.r.l.
​Performer: Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni, Sicrea Group S.p.a.
Wall cladding and decking: plasticWOOD S.r.l.

Medolla (Modena), Italy

Cristal Led Walk Over Recessed, Ekleipsis Bollard, Ekleipsis Ceiling-Mounted, Levante Floodlight