October 2016

Golf Club, Carimate

The Golf Club Carimate was opened in 1962, at a time when the word golf was inextricably linked to a vision of an Anglo-Saxon world.
The entire project has a distinctive Italian design which at that time was beginning to establish itself around the world.
The course, in fact, was laid out by Piero Mancinelli, whereas the Club House was designed by Guido Veneziani and Vico Magistretti.

The Club House, designed by Magistretti and Veneziani, replaced the idea of a classic English cottage with a white structure that followed the slope of the terrain and featured windows and perspectives that framed the surrounding landscape and the park's tall trees.
Magistretti took particular care over the restaurant and it is for this environment that he designed his “Carimate” chair, produced by Cassina that became a classic item of Italian design.

In 2002, the Golf Club was awarded the "green flag", first at St. Andrews, and later in Rome. The Club was one of the first structures in Italy to receive certification for its reduced environmental impact, land use and resource consumption.

Today, Cariboni group has installed EKLEIPSIS BOLLARD and PEYOTE GRAZER luminaires in the outdoor areas, LEVANTE CURVED POLE SIDE luminaires for the pool and EKLEIPSIS CEILING luminaires in the Club House interiors.

Project: golfcarimate.com
Press Review: lucenews.it; luceweb.eu

Green: Piero Mancinelli
Club House: Vico Magistretti, Guido Veneziani

Carimate (Como), Italy

Ekleipsis Bollard, Ekleipsis Ceiling-Mounted, Levante Pole Side, Peyote Grazer