August 2018

Hotel Plaza, Duce

Cariboni Group, with its partner IBF PROJEKT d.o.o., has lit the new fours stars Hotel Plaža Duće located in a small village at a distance of 3 km to the lively pirate town Omis in Croatia.

Duće is one of the villages adjacent to Omis, located between the Adriatic Sea and the mountain range of Mosor. The village is situated in a unique environment and atmosphere in a place that abounds with examples of rural architecture. Today, Duće is a settlement that consists of two parts: the modern tourist, located near the Adriatic Sea and the ancient located at the foot of the mountain Mosor.

In addition to a beautiful view of the Brac Channel and the island of Brac, Hotel Plaža Duće offers its guests 103 modern and spacious rooms with sea view and large balcony, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pool, pool bar, restaurant with show cooking and sun terrace with loungers and jacuzzi.

Cariboni has lit four stars hotel providing LED luminaires called LED Llite 3 for lighting outdoor façades and the indoor walls of the Wellness Center.

MB Plan Zagreb
Partner: IBF PROJEKT d.o.o.

Duće, Croatia

Led Lite_3
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