September 2011

John Street Roundhouse, Toronto

Built in 1929 by Canadian Pacific Railway, this 100,000 ft² John Street Roundhouse was in continuous service from 1929 to 1988. At its peak, the facility serviced over 60 engines and train cars a day in its 32 engine repair bays.

The semi-circular geometry of the Roundhouse is based on the centre point of the 120 ft. long turntable that was designed to deliver engines to each of the 32 repair bays; the central steam plant allowed engines to be moved without firing them up. Unique for its time in its use of daylighting, the John Street Roundhouse has continuous glazed clerestory along both sides of each repair bay.

The lighting component of the restoration has numberous challenges, stemming from often-conflicting heritage considerations, City bylaws, sustainability, maintenance and of course cost.

Significant is the interview published on LD+A (September 2011) to the Lighting Designer Deborah Gottesman where are cited rhythmic lighting used to create a presence without any building work on the site, and restrictions (very limited budget and preference for LEDs) which stimulate the creativity.

"Today, a new circle has taken shape, as the roundhouse has been transformed from an urban eyesore into a vibrant retail center/railroad museum. And for good measure, one more circle has been added to provide the finishing touch: new façade lighting on the roundhouse that cleverly evokes the wheel of a steam train."
(Paul Tarricone, Roundhouse Punch, LD+A, September 2011)

Cariboni group, with partner Beta-Calco, participated in the project by providing the LED fixtures CUBE 4W and 9W, ONE4TWO 9x1W and LED LITE.

Press Review:

Architectural Lighting Designer: Gottesman Associates
Heritage Architect: IBI Group (Don Loucks)
Owner/Developer: The City of Toronto, State Building Group/The John Street Roundhouse Corporation
Ancillary Building Restoration: Murison Restoration
Partner: Beta-Calco

Toronto, Canada

Cube Ceiling-Mounted, Led Lite_1, One4two Ceiling-Mounted