June 2012

Les salons de lumière, Villeneuve-la-Garenne

The architectural project of SEM 92 intervenes on public space with the objectives of opening up the district with the creation of a tram line East-West, uniforming residential areas with a public domain requalified, improving the environmental quality of the green area spaces enriched of biodiversity and restructuring the commercial unit of the district.

MÂT BALANCIER special edition fittings designed by François Migeon embellish the promenade originating "Les salons de lumière". The Lighting designer has created a lantern with a daytime presence, steel armor reflects the colours of the city, sky and plants, and nighttime, the armor is covered itself with light, becoming a bright object that recalls the idea of the pedestrian street as a friendly, closeness and sharing space.
The possibility to adjust the inclination of the arm permits to play with the spaces. The pedestrian lanterns can therefore be situated at different heights and give a moving conception of the space. It creates the nighttime event.
The principle of fixing the lantern gives it a pure and slender aesthetic. The fork is used to adjust the horizontality of the fitting and the adaptation based on the angle of the rocker arm according to the regulations.

At one end of the rocker arm, the spot light is a reference point in the landscape. When it is located in the high part, it disperses in the foliage or in the nocturnal sky, when it is located in the lower part of the rocker arm it becomes a signal in the path.

Project: Revue Lumières, N° 2, 06/12, pg. 29/36

Architectural project: SEM 92
Architecture studio: Ellipse
Landscape architects: Arpentère
MÂT BALANCIER special edition by François Migeon lighting designer and Emmanuelle Sébie lighting designer assistant of 8'18" concepteurs lumières

Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Île-de-France, France

Mât Balancier Pole Side