October 2015

Loretostrasse, Lichtensteig

Cariboni group, in collaboration with its partner Visiolux, is an active part of the important renovation project in the field of public lighting of the municipality of Lichtensteig located in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

In line with the strategy of the Swiss Federal Government, the municipality of Lichtensteig has started a project to improve efficiency of street lighting.
Specifically, the renovation affected Loretostrasse, the main thoroughfare in the village, with a high volume of traffic, width of 6 m and with sidewalks on both sides where there were still old street luminaires with double lamp 125W QE and when it was implemented a power reduction by turning off one of the two lamps from h 00:30 am until h 5:30 am.

Cariboni group took part in the project replacing the old lamps with obsolete sources by highly efficient LED fittings called KAI MEDIUM / 1785 lm / 148W / 4000K / Street optics LT-L which allowed the community to pursue energy savings of 55%.

The choice was made on the basis of the lighting project. The lighting class of the system is ME4a and KAI fitting complied with that requirement without problems. By 8 m of height of the light source and interdistance of 40 m, the product complies with the requirements of uniformity and glare limits.

At the specific request of the municipality, the communication module Powerline has been integrated in the light source. Through this it will be possible to have the following benefits:

• feedback on real consumption of product;
• customization of regulation system of each light source (e.g. the light sources close to the crosswalk are set with different intensity and times compared to the general conditions of the road);
• adjustment of the scenario of regulation system of light sources, easily and remotely editable at any time, according to the real needs of the city.

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Partner: Visiolux AG

Lichtensteig, Switzerland

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