May 2015

Mexico Pavilion, Expo 2015

Mexico Pavilion, the Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage

The architect Francisco López Guerra Almada, together with Jorge Vallejo and consulting biologist Juan Guzzy, bases the project on the most typical Mexican food, the corn.
The great external structure is inspired by the shape of a big cob, which is covering the pavilion of 1.910 m², and it is placed in a prime location, at the intersection of two main avenues. The interior, which is lit up by LED fittings called LEVANTE, offers an all-encompassing exhibition of typical products, surrounded by a flow of water that gives life to the gardens and takes visitors along spiral ramps, to explore the gastronomic, ecological and cultural riches of Mexico.

Press Review:

Architect: Francisco López Guerra Almada
Team: Xavier Prieto, José Pablo Ballesteros, Jorge Borbolla, Roberto Gatica, Santiago Letona, Helena Melgar
Museum project and design: Georgina Larrea
Interior Designer: Francisco Uribe

Pero Rho (Milan), Italy

Levante Pole Side