July 2015

MiColtivo. The Green Circle, Milan

Cariboni group lights up the fascinating path dedicated to urban agriculture with the installation of LED fittings called KAI CURVED POLE SYSTEM.

Protagonists of the itinerary are 50,000 m² of fields sown with wheat and 8 months of agricultural experiences in Milan city center. The circular path is inside the Porta Nuova area, in the center of Milan, and it winds through 4 stages:

1) Wheatfield, work of environmental art by American artist Agnes Denes (1931), a field that extends for 5 hectares within the area that will host the future public park the "Library of the Trees";
2) A video educational exhibition staged at the ground floor of the Riccardo Catella Foundation headquarters, since last April broadcasts the work and the project themes;
3) "We grow together!", an area of 4,000 m² for vegetable garden and orchard, planned by Riccardo Catella Foundation with Confagricoltura, in an area adjacent to the "via De Castillia 28" public garden;
4) A stage dedicated to the theme of biodiversity, through a digital totems that talk about the issue from the experience of the Vertical Forest.

Wheatfield, the heart of the initiative, involves citizens in the various phases of the wheat cultivation, from sowing to harvest.

After planting of 28th February 2015, the area becomes accessible after for more than 50 years it had been closed. Via pedestrian path, every day of the week, the public can access the work of art and watch day by day the growth and maturation of wheat waiting for the big harvest festival scheduled for mid-July.

Project: fondazionericcardocatella.org
Agnes Denes: fondazionenicolatrussardi.it

Fondazione Riccardo Catella
Fondazione Nicola Trussardi

Milan, Italy

Kai Pole System