October 2020

MRT Thomson East Coast Line, Singapore

The Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) is the new fully underground, automated and driverless MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) line in Singapore that will connect the Northern and Eastern regions via the Central region and the downtown. Once fully opened, the line will be about 43 km long and will have 31 stations.

Announced by the land transport authority (LTA) in 2014, the project includes five stages from Year 2020 to 2025. It’s a merger of two already under-construction MRTs in the city, namely the Thomson Line (TSL) and the Eastern Region Line (ERL). When fully operational by 2025, the TEL is expected to serve approximately one million commuters daily.

The stations, that are being designed with numerous entrances, underpasses and large parking lots, will reduce travel time for commuters and improve their safety.

The lighting project

In order to illuminate the parking lots and areas outside the stations of this new public underground MRT transport system, guaranteeing light uniformity, visual comfort and safety, has been chosen our Kosmos, a versatile and design product with LED technology.

The post top configuration highlights the soft shapes of the product and enhances its aesthetics, perfectly integrating it with the modern skyline of the city that represents the backdrop of the illuminated spaces.

Available in two sizes and with multiple optics, the Kosmos system includes different installation modes to meet the specific functional and architectural requirements of any environment. The product is supplied as standard with a virtual midnight self-learning system with customisable lighting programming and DALI system activated.

New public underground MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) transport system


Kosmos Post Top
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