January 2015

Old town and streets, Merate

According to the actual global plans related to eco-sustainability the municipality of Merate, a town between Milan and Lecco in the heart of Brianza which has a population density of 1,343 inhabitants/km² and a territorial area of 11.10 km², has activated a significant revolution of public lighting on a very heterogeneous urban territory.

In concrete, interventions on about 80% of the total municipal network include the replacement of 1,286 inefficient and obsolete fittings mainly equipped by high-pressure sodium lamps with 2000K color temperature and color rendering index (CRI) < 25, and from mercury-vapor lamps having 4000K color temperature and CRI < 60, with high-performance LED devices.
It is also planned to provide 38 new light sources for urban areas rarely visited because of the absence of lighting.
Finally, the creation of a virtual platform that provides to the Administration all informations about the malfunction and work management of IP network.

For the realization of the redevelopment have chosen fittings called KALOS POST TOP and STRING SUSPENSION and PHOS PLUS POLE SYSTEM.
KALOS is an urban and residential lighting system specifically designed to house LED technology. They are provided the post top variant with rotosymmetrical and street optics for green areas and the walkways with 4000K color temperature from 20W to 40W of power.
KALOS string suspension fittings, with street symmetrical optics with color temperature 4000K from 40W to 80W of power, are characteristics and give the value to the old town.
PHOS PLUS LED street fixture characterised by its particularly high lighting performance, suitable for lighting junctions, and urban and extra urban roads with 4000K color temperature from 40W to 80W of power.
Both products are equipped with virtual midnight self-learning system.

At the end of the work it is estimated annual energy savings of 50% compared to the ante-operam, from a consumption of 1,163,991 kW h per year to 587,809 kW h per year; of course, this result indicates a 50% reduction in Co2 emissions, from 862 t Co2 per year to 435 t Co2 per year.

Project: lucenews.it

Enel Sole
Livio Impianti S.r.l.

Merate (Lecco), Italy

Kalos Post Top, Kalos String Suspension, Phos Plus Pole System
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