September 2013

Oldrini Square, Sesto S. Giovanni

The project produced by Studio Arch. Marco Magni of Sesto San Giovanni, promoted by Esselunga S.p.a. group and agreed with the Municipal Administration, is based on two lines of action concerning respectively the appearance and functionality of the site, respecting the essential purposes of the operation: unifying power and connecting capability.

Poles with inclinations and different forms, combined with sculptural lighting elements, create geometric effects that blend well with the orthogonal mesh texture of the pavement.
A functional lighting based on the use of metal iodide lamps combined with the LED ones, allows a minimum load of installation with an overall well-articulated harmonization.
The light has changed the Square in different areas:

• FLYER LED for outdoor lighting of the refreshment area and library;
• LED LITE 1 for accentuate lighting of the colonnade under the arcades;
• MÂT BALANCIER pole rocker arm system with 150W MT lamp for functional lighting of the square on one side and LED projector for lighting pedestrian routes on the other;
• MEDIUM LED CUBE for functional lighting under the arcades;
• ONE4TWO for accentuate lighting of flags;
• PAULE SYSTEM for lighting of the crossing paths;
• YPSILON E with 150W metal iodide lamp for functional lighting of the square.

Project: LUCE 308/2014, pg. 19/116

Studio Arch. Marco Magni Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), Italy

Cube Ceiling-Mounted, Flyer Led Pole Side, Led Lite_1, Mât Balancier Pole Side, One4two Pole Side, Ypsilon Pole Side