June 2013

Plessi Museum, Brenner

An innovative architectural artefact that hosts a permanent exhibition area dedicated to the art of Patrizio Plessi (born in Reggio Emilia in 1940 but Venetian by adoption), one of the most internationally regarded and renowned Italian masters.

Sponsored by the Autostrada del Brennero S.p.a, the building designed by the Engineer Carlo Costa is the first example in Italy of a museum on a motorway and it becomes a symbol of the ties between the Mediterranean and middle-European worlds in a locality that, on the contrary, has represented a dividing line between the Latin and Germanic cultures from the end of the first world war until the Schengen Agreement came into force (1st January 1995).
The new complex also holds a conference centre, restaurant and service areas, and represents an aesthetic and functional experimental approach aiming to transform a traditional rest area into a place consecrated to culture.

The lighting of the exhibition area and the outer perimeter of the building is realized with TRAIL "Made in Italy" fittings, recessed ceiling lights with large beam optics for optimal visual comfort and with LED light sources equipped with chromatic restitution suitable to emphasize the beauty of the exhibits.

Project: autobrennero.it

Eng. Carlo Costa

Brenner (Bozen), Italy

Trail Ceiling-Recessed