October 2015

Robert Bosch Campus, Renningen

Cariboni group, in collaboration with its partner AKA Lighting, lights up the prestigious Robert Bosch Technology and Innovation Center in Renningen, in the district of Stuttgart, Germany.

New Center for Research and Advance Engineering. Fourteen buildings covering a total floor space of 110,000 m² are being erected over an area of 100 hectares, where the focus lies on people, their pursuit of progress and teamwork.

Starting in 2015 and under the motto "Connected for Millions of Ideas", the new research campus represents an important hub in the international research network of Bosch Group. The key to success: the well-though-out site structure and architecture.

Overall the site has around 1,200 members who work on international and interdisciplinary fundamental research projects covering all Bosch business divisions.
The total floor space can be divided in 11 areas: Central building, Analytics building, Physics building, Workshop building, Systems building, Chemistry building, Technology building, Clean room building, Production technology Center, Mobility building, Vehicle preparation hall.

Cariboni group takes part in the project by illuminating all parking areas and some areas of circulation. For parking area Cariboni furnished PHOS fittings 20 LED 4000K, with ST-M optics, installed on poles of height 4.5 m; and for transit areas PHOS fittings 30 LED 4000K, with ST-M optics, installed on poles of height 8 m, both with special glass Bosch silkscreen showing the map of the factory. This peculiarity makes it unique and highly customized the project.

Project: bosch-renningen.de


Illuminating Engineering Project: AKA Lighting
Partner: AKA Lighting
Installer: Heldele

Renningen, Stuttgart, Germany

Phos Plus Pole System