February 2008

Santo Volto Church, Turin

The Chiesa del Santo Volto in Turin is undoubtedly an architectural work full of singularity. The clear multiple block radial morphology is built around the central block wants to be the mere architectural character according to the Architect Mario Botta’s thinking.

The solution
Cariboni Group has proposed ad hoc lighting solution that is able to satisfy the principle of differentiation of the volumes, the contrast of them from the background, the emphasization of brick as material characterizing the upholstery of the building.

The project
The project has been reflected in the use of MATRIX fittings which includes two dimensional sizes, each equipped with the symmetrical, asymmetrical and narrow beam roto-symmetrical optics, from different types of lamp and power, from a full range of specific shaping filters and various accessories; all to ensure the most appropriate distribution of light on the target in question.
The floodlights were then placed on two levels: at ground level we have low poles radially positioned to the edifice with high-pressure sodium lamps 2000K, and at above level we have high poles aligned with those low raised radially positioned to the fulcrum of the structure with metal iodide lamps 3000K.
The installation, positioning and pointing of the floodlights were simple thanks to a system that allows adjustment of the shaping lens without the commitment to intervene on the same fitting, an innovative anchor bracket that allows the installation in small spaces and goniometric scales for angle of inclination storage.

Source: “Santo Volto a Torino” progettazione illuminazione esterna, LUCE 2/2008, pg. 6
Architectural and illuminating engineering project: Arch. Mario Botta

Turin, Italy

Matrix Floodlight