March 2016

Station park, Como

Cariboni group took part in the restoration of the lighting system for Viale Tokamachi, the avenue in the Como San Giovanni station park.

More specifically, the following LED luminaires were installed: KALOS POST TOP 2 arms version, which is ideal for lighting urban areas.
In addition to guaranteeing better lighting and reducing energy consumption and therefore carbon dioxide emissions, the new LED technology system has enabled safety and style levels to be increased in this area, which like all cities, is one of the first places tourists see when they come to Como by train.

The project, funded by the Transport Department of the Municipality of Como, and implemented by S.G.E. Srl - General Electrical Services from Nova Milanese, included the repair of holes in the paths, the removal of a number of stakes and the installation of electrical connections for future shows or markets.

Municipality of Como
S.G.E. S.r.l.

Como, Italy

Kalos Post Top