January 2016

Therme Bucuresti, Balotesti

Therme Bucureşti is one of the largest wellness, relaxation and entertainment center on thermal waters in Europe.
Covering an area of 250,000 m², located only 15 km from Bucharest and 5 km from Henri Coandă Airport, this futuristic structure features 30,000 m² of glass including 3,000 m² over the pools.

The structure features not only thermal spring pools, but also the largest internal and external garden in Romania.
The garden boasts a genuinely tropical atmosphere thanks to 800,000 plants and hundreds of tree species, including the largest palm forest in Europe, and the site's special attraction, the Tree of Life, which is a very popular botanical rarity.

Cariboni has joined with the German group called Wund to light the structure's parking and external circulation areas.
More precisely, the following LED luminaires were installed: KAI POLE SYSTEM, KALOS POLE-TOP and M48 STREET POLE SYSTEM.

The luminaires' particularly high lighting performance makes them ideal for illuminating outdoor areas and guaranteeing visual comfort and energy savings.

Project: therme.ro
Press Review: designrulz.com

A-Heat Group

Balotești, Romania

Kai Pole System, Kalos Post Top, M48 Street Pole System