June 2020

TriCon Container Terminal, Nuremberg

The TriCon Container Terminal in Nuremberg is a trimodal handling system for combined transport managed by the operating company TriCon Container-Terminal Nürnberg GmbH. It is the largest freight center in southern Germany and manages the gradual transition of goods in combined transport between rail, water and road.

It acts as a connection point between the international railway network, the regional and national transport of trucks and the shipment of goods across the Rhine, the Main and the Danube. The efficiency of the structure is guaranteed by ten loading rails, four rail-mounted gantry cranes and a total capacity of 350,000 loading units per year.

In order to modernize the lighting system of the TriCon Container Terminal in Nuremberg has been chosen our M48 Area Flood floodlight with a total power of 418W and LT-05 and LT-06 asymmetric optics.

The new floodlight, installed on 26 high-mast lights with a height of 22 meters, has replaced the old floodlights with 1000W high-pressure sodium lamps allowing to achieve an excellent lighting result and above all guaranteeing energy savings of 60%.

The optics used, LT-05 and LT-06, are particularly suitable for illuminating large areas, thanks respectively to an asymmetry of 50° and 65° which allows to illuminate an area which width is up to twice the height of the support on which the lighting body is positioned. The combined mix of the two optics has allowed to obtain the perfect uniformity of the illuminated area.

M48 Area Flood has been chosen because it satisfies a series of project requirements, such as:

· Modularity of the device

· On-site substitutability of individual modules

· High quality of workmanship and treatment

· Excellent lighting results

· Protection level IP 66

· 10KV common and differential protection system

The project has been carried out in collaboration with our partner Delsana.

TriCon Container Terminal

Nuremberg, Germany

M48 Area Flood
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