February 2019

Urban spaces, Ceresole Reale

Cariboni Group has provided the illumination for Ceresole Reale, the tourist destination in the Piedmont region in the upper Orco valley which lies in the Graian Alps. The Municipality of Ceresole Reale is part of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest national park in Italy, created at the end of the nineteenth century when Vittorio Emanuele established the Royal Hunting Reserve of the Gran Paradiso with the hunting rights granted to him by the municipalities of the Valle d’Aosta and the Canavese areas. On 3 December 1922, the Reserve was donated to the Italian State by Royal Decree in order that it be transformed into a Park to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

The park is rich with dense forests, ample pastures, smooth rock faces, enchanting mule trails and lakes, including the large artificial body of water over which the hamlets of Ceresole Reale look.

 The aim of the project was to improve the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the lighting system via the substitution of the original lights with high-powered LED devices. The Flat Link lighting system chosen for this project is perfectly in line with the surrounding environment thanks to its timeless design and its combination with sober and elegant arms and posts. Asymmetrical street optics with multilayer systems have been used which distribute the light emitted by the sources in an even manner, rendering urban spaces more accessible and safer at night. The elevated colour rendering index of the sources allows visitors to better appreciate the colours and the materials of this mountain village of green, wood and stone.

Enel Sole

Ceresole Reale (Metropolitan city of Turin), Italy

Flat Link Pole Side