July 2016

Urban spaces, Vado Ligure

Cariboni group is an active part of the important Integrated Project for the redevelopment of the waterfront area of Vado Ligure, a municipality adjacent to Savona.

The interventions of the Integrated Project have focused on the enhancement of the positive aspects and the potentialities inherent to Vado Ligure territory: from the wealth of entrepreneurial and commercial pattern to the tourist offer.
Specifically, the project involves the redevelopment of the waterfront area, through the pedestrianization of the old town centre and the enhancement of public spaces.

The works involve the requalification of the coastal waterfront on the border with the town of Savona and the development of a promenade with a view to Porto Vado strand.
Designed by the architects Roberto Novarese, Monia Balocco, Enrico Spicuglia and Marco Vallarno interventions have returned to citizenry green spaces, cycle-pedestrian paths and sports and leisure facilities.
Cariboni provided LED urban design system called FLAT LINK installed on 6 m high curved poles for lighting up all cycle and pedestrian areas.
The green areas have been increased and enriched with plants and typical essences of Ligurian vegetation and all the building and/or decorative elements were inspired by criteria of bio-architecture and energy savings (e.g. neoloy technology used by Harpo spa).

The Integrated Project also involved the secure of the riverbed of Segno stream. The project involved the enlargement of the riverbed for a long distance about 40 m, with the remake of car and pedestrian crossing.
For uniform illumination of the bridge, designed by Staiges - Ingegneria Srl, Cariboni provided LED luminous handrail called BANISTER of white color with adjustable symmetrical wide beam optics, whereas for the adjacent connecting roads LED fittings called LEVANTE have been installed on 4 and 8 m high curved poles.

The new bridge, as pointed out by the Municipality, in addition to mark a further step in the aesthetic renewal of the city, represents a functional opportunity for the whole urban and local road network. The new structure is a single span, with two-lane road and sidewalk on both sides, and offers the Vado Ligure viability a new and useful alternative route to via Aurelia.

Press Review: luceweb.eu

Ponte sul Segno: Staiges - Ingegneria S.r.l.
Architects: Monia Balocco, Roberto Novarese, Enrico Spicuglia and Marco Vallarno
ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)

Vado Ligure (Savona), Italy

Banister, Flat Link Pole Side, Levante Pole Side