July 2013

Via XX Settembre, Milan

The street is characterized by a "tripartition" of the driveability: in the center there is the presence of the two main roadways, lined with car parks and traffic islands for bikes; outwardly on each side there is a carriageway driveway, an additional row of car parks and a pedestrian sidewalk.
This situation leads to a road section of average width equal to 36 m and more, for a total length of about 420 m.

The requalification of the entire driveability, by GMS Studio Associato on behalf of AEM A2A, has been achieved with the adoption of the latest technology that allowed to light up the carriageway, sideroad and the cycle path with a single product FLAT LINK in varied street asymmetrical optics and cycle pedestrian with different sizes 25-20-15 LED and related power 60W-45W-36W.

The lights are equipped with long-life LED source (50,000 hours), low emission of infrared radiation, no emission of ultraviolet radiation, miniaturization, high color rendering and color temperature equal to 3500K, suitable to value the chromatic characteristics of the products and the surrounding vegetation.

The products provided for cycle paths lighting are connected to a system of detection of presence that governs their power to passing pedestrians and bikers ensuring significant energy savings.

Plant and lighting engineering requalification of the entire driveability, thanks to the removal of all the complex lighting pre-existing, has created a night space renovated, to a place where human relationships can find a continuity of expression even during the evening hours.

The solutions adopted have allowed the achievement of the following objectives:

• maximum visual comfort;
• respect of the minimum required, according to the lighting classifications;
• restraint of “light pollution” thanks to a precise study of the optics as required by the applicable Regional Law No. 17 of 03-27-2000;
• reduction of direct glare and control of the gradients of luminance for each visual scene, be it micro or macro;
• coordinated designing throughout the area, thanks to flexible switching;
• optimization of energy consumption, in relation to the real needs of user, thanks to the intelligent luminous flux control and power consumption.

Achievable goals throughout the entire life cycle (15 years): -75% kWh/m² = -175.5 t Co2

Project: LUCE 304/2013 pg. 78/89

GMS Studio Associato _ Milan

Milan, Italy

Flat Link String Suspension