February 2013

Waterfront Regina Margherita, Brindisi

The project includes a new urban design for mainly pedestrian use, rethinking mobility, pavements, lighting, street furniture and incorporating new plants, returning to the city a space of about 13,000 m².

The new lighting system mainly consists of a pole system aimed at ensuring a diffused lighting and a system of floor recessed lights for the scenic illumination.
LED light sources were exclusively provided for guaranteeing long lifetime, low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

MÂT BALANCIER pole system has been chosen with rocker arm in order to dose the lighting on the strength of illuminance needs and size of area.
YPSILON pole system, public and urban lighting system highly performant composed by a double bracket which works as a support for the main body.
Therefore, it was possible to choose the angle of the arm and the type of body located to extremes, ensuring the proper lighting for different settings without changing the aesthetic line of fittings and leaving usable the pedestrian space as much as possible.

Project: archilovers.com

Architectural project: DODI MOSS S.r.l. (Architects: Egizia Gasparini, Gabriella Innocenti, Mauro Traverso - Agronomist: Ettore Zauli), AD Project
Structural project, plants, Construction Management: Eng. Aldo Maldari, Eng. Marco Maldari

Brindisi, Italy

Mât Balancier Pole Side, Ypsilon Pole Side