noviembre 2020

Pedestrian path and view terrace, Valmiera

A pedestrian path that gradually turns into a wooden path and then into a view terrace overlooking the Gauja river. We are inside the park of Atputas, in Valmiera (Latvia), and the project, designed by the architect Didzis Jaunzems, has been awarded the Latvian Landscape Architecture Award 2019 in the category ‘Environmental Design’ by LAAA - Latvijas Ainavu arhitektu asociacija, the Latvian Association of Landscape Architects.

In order to illuminate the pedestrian path and the view terrace have been installed 30 Kosmos in the post top configuration, which highlights the soft shapes of the product and enhances its aesthetics, perfectly integrating it with the modern, round design of the architecture.

The project has been carried out by DJA Architecture Studio in collaboration with our partner Lumenu Centrs.

Pedestrian path and view terrace

Valmiera, Latvia

Kosmos Extremo de Poste
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