Königliche Gärten

Königliche Gärten

Monza, Italien

The Boschetti Reali in Monza returns to shine thanks to the lighting products of Cariboni Group.

The link between the Royal Villa, its Gardens and the city of Monza took place through the so-called "Boschetti Reali", a triangular shaped area set in axis with the south entrance of the Villa. The regular system of the Royal Woodlands was set on a series of avenues converging in a circular square, crossed by a system of secondary paths, with three squares at the main crossing points. The plant still exists: the side avenues (Regina Margherita to the west and Francesco Petrarca towards the east) are today driveways, as well as the confluence square (piazza Citterio), while the other paths are pedestrian.

Project objectives

In addition to the unavoidable objectives of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability widely achieved, the fundamental objective of the project was to install LED luminaires on the territory, with a refined "old style" design, to trace the historical characteristics of the urban furnishings, enhancing the space, improving safety levels and respecting the secular nature.

Conservative restoration

Cariboni proposed the AGATHOS lantern with LED technology for outdoor lighting. AGATHOS has completely replaced the old lighting fixtures in the green and cycle-pedestrian areas.

The technical characteristics of the lantern are coherent with the environmental context and LED technology has improved its perception thanks to the optical system suitable for the historical centres, architectural or naturalistic areas such as old villages and parks.

The LED product has been provided POST TOP version with rotosymmetrical optics and it is ideal for lighting an area as the Royal Woodlands, recently neglected and for this reason subject to a conservative restoration by Enel Sole and the Municipality of Monza with the main purpose of increasing the security levels of citizens.

It is important to point out that the trees have been placed at the center of the interventions in the Boschetti area. Indeed, in order to prevent damage to the roots, a lifting mechanism was adopted for the extraction of old street lamps and the insertion of new ones, with the aim of preserving the area.

Not only the Royal Woodlands, but also viale Petrarca and the avenue that runs along the Institute of art have been the subject of restyling, providing for the replacement of old equipment with LED lamps to lighting the entire cycle path.




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