Profile - Cariboni Group


From dusk to dawn, a city exists if it is lit. Urban lighting is the only element that makes community places perceptible and usable. Our goal is to provide good light that adds value to the urban environment and reveals new ways of living in cities.

The culture of light

Light is our trade; for over a century we have been involved in the electrotechnical sector and have extensive experience in designing and implementing professional outdoor lighting solutions. We dialogue daily with designers from all over the world in order to light every architecture, every space and every path in the best possible way. We are continually looking for innovative solutions to offer new opportunities for using urban spaces and to protect the well-being and security of those living in them.

Responsibility (Social and environmental sustainability)

We acknowledge that consideration is a fundamental value, not just for the area where we operate, but for the entire planet and all the life that occupies it. We collaborate with local authorities and institutions to benefit the community we feel part of. We support national excellence, especially in the areas of creativity and technological research.

Every design and production decision we make is based on an assessment of its capacity to respect the environment, and we make lighting systems that optimise energy consumption and only illuminate when and where light is needed. We limit light pollution to protect the night and conserve the natural biological rhythms of flora and fauna.
Our products are durable and reliable, and we rationalise the use of materials and resources throughout every stage of development.

Made in Italy

All stages of design and production have always taken place in Italy, in the same places where we started in 1908, in synergy with a tight network of local companies with which we have established solid relationships of trust over time. We consider it important to limit activities to the local area so that we can meet with our collaborators.

In fact, we are convinced that good design also depends on human aspects and work experience, which promote an informal exchange of knowledge, as well as a collective and perhaps unconscious participation in creative processes.

We promote made in Italy by offering innovative, high-quality urban lighting and by nurturing our know-how.


We listen carefully to those who design, administer and live in the cities so that every new product is the solution to a problem. We use new technologies to improve product features and optimise production processes.


Just as particles and waves can coexist in light, so our solutions combine high functional performance with intangible qualities such as formal research, attention to detail or the knowledge of our experts.


We are well aware that our strength does not lie in the development process alone, but in the passion and expertise of those involved. That is why we invest in the growth of our human capital by ensuring targeted training plans and continuous professional development.

Customer services

We offer not only lighting systems, but advice and continual customer support from initial consultation to system start-up. We provide digital design tools and offer our long experience and knowledge of all regulatory aspects relating to outdoor lighting. We have a specialist lighting design division that can support customers throughout defining the lighting concept, making lighting calculations, processing positioning tables, photo-insertions and rendering.

Tailor-made light

Every place is different and every place deserves its own light. Our lighting systems are flexible and offer many configuration variables to suit the specific needs of each design. When necessary, we develop tailor-made solutions in collaboration with our customers. The degree of flexibility we have achieved by producing what the customer wants, from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective, means that we are able to customise our range.

Spread the value of good light

To defend the importance of good light, we work with industry associations and universities to promote awareness, dissemination and training initiatives on various lighting-related issues. Only when city dwellers recognise the value of high-quality lighting and demand it will every urban space be well lit.