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Total quality

Total quality

Zero waste

We believe that eliminating waste is always the right choice. In recent years we have redefined and standardised our methods and operational tools to eliminate inefficiencies at every level, from conception of a new product to its delivery to the customer. The new zero-waste development process improves information and material flows for greater speed and production flexibility.

Optical design

The optical system of a light fitting is able to mould the light emitted by the source, making it the essence of our products. We develop optics dedicated to the different urban geometries and are sensitive to the needs of every geographical area we are involved in. The design of each optical system is followed by an internal team made up of resources specialising in optics, optoelectronics and material research, which collaborates with Optics Lite, the group company that has been involved in designing and producing optics for the lighting sector since 2004.

Research, Development and Validation

Our products are based on the integrated design of optical, electronic and mechanical aspects. We define formal and functional aspects after carefully analysing possible application contexts and assessing how the lighting system will interact with people and the environment. Growing experience and technological development in recent years has allowed us to increase both the mechanical and electrical robustness of our products. In our laboratories, we perform validation tests under extreme conditions to guarantee greater reliability.

Production process

We perform thorough checks to ensure that each stage is carried out correctly, and we use automated assembly lines to guarantee that the manufacturing process is repeatable and correct. Software maps the material flows to manage the logistics processes. Incoming material checks are carried out in accordance with statistical plans and the service level of suppliers is assessed. Functional and safety checks are carried out on 100% of the products. A serial number identification system ensures that components and finished products are traceable.


ISO 9001:2015

Certification guarantees control of the production process and its effectiveness concerning the quality of the product made.

CTFs (Customers' Testing Facilities)

Award issued by IMQ to our laboratory, guaranteeing that the tests and equipment we use comply with current European and international standards.

ENEC mark

Certifying that all of our products comply with current European safety standards and are verified periodically by IMQ.