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Cathedral of apostles St. Peter and St. Paul

Cathedral of apostles St. Peter and St. Paul

Kaunas, Lithuania

A story dating back to the early 1400s, that of the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Kaunas, Lithuania. Inaugurated in 1624, it suffered significant damages during the war of 1655 and was rebuilt in 1671. It owes its present appearance to the reconstruction and restoration works, which have also given it some typically Renaissance characteristics.

Located in the center of the town, it is the largest Gothic church in the nation: with a length of 84 meters, a height of 28 meters and a width of 34 meters it has been included in the Register of cultural heritage of the Republic of Lithuania in 1996.

Bringing out the architectural elements

An ancient and majestic Cathedral, for which the choice of lighting systems had since the beginning the aim of bringing out the architectural elements. Considering its architectural characteristics, the lighting design has privileged the pediment and the windows, accentuating the upward momentum conferred on the building by the Gothic elements.

Accent lighting

For reaching this goal were chosen two versatile products with a modern design produced by Cariboni Group: Trail with asymmetrical optics and Sigma Flood with narrow beam 11° optics. The result is an accent lighting with a great visual impact.


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