Marina Dalmacija

Marina Dalmacija

Sukošan, Croatia

Marina Dalmacija, located in the town of Sukošan, is the largest marina on the Croatian coast with a size of 125 hectares. The outstanding position, close to the town of Zadar and the national parks, the indented coastline and the proximity of the Kornati islands have made famous this charming town.

A location full of services, including an harbour with 1200 berths, a large car park, a beach, a restaurant and a cafeteria, for whose enhancement at night have been chosen our new lines of architectural and functional products.

The lighting project

For the lighting project of the structure, carried out by our partner IBF PROJEKT in collaboration with the architect Nikola Bašić (MARINAPROJEKT), have been chosen Kairos, Ekleipsis Pole, One4Two Wall- Mounted and Fin xs Wall-Recessed.

The Fin xs LED line, in the wall-recessed version, has been used to light up paths and steps, while the One4Two line, which is ideal for lighting walls, facades, arcades, under arches, columns, and lobbies, has been used for the terrace and the outdoor areas of the restaurant and cafeteria. The seal between the glass cover and the body consists of an innovative bayonet system with screw-free opening and closing.

In order to illuminate the car park, the pier and the dock have been installed both Kairos, a simple and functional street lighting system fitted with a virtual midnight self-learning system, and Ekleipsis, an indirect light, pole-mounted LED system that has won the Design Plus Award and is available in two different sizes: medium (2300 mm) and large (4000 mm).



Architect Nikola Bašić (MARINAPROJEKT)


Zvonimir Mihaljek



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