KALOS is an urban and residential lighting system specifically designed to house LED technology. The features of the luminaire's form and optics impede the skyward dispersion of luminous flux. The luminaire can be post-top mounted with an arm for upwards or suspension installation or string suspended. Colour: dark grey Sablè 100 Noir. Optics: asymmetric and symmetric street, asymmetric, rotosymmetric and an innovative front & back street optic. The front & back optics can generate a solid double photometric that replaces the existing pole systems with two light sources and only one KALOS which guarantees remarkable energy savings and lower maintenance costs. CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 70. Average LED lifetime >160.000h @700mA @Ta25°C TM21 L80B20 L80B10. All the versions include a virtual midnight self-learning system and 1-10V, DALI, PLC remote control system on request. Luminaire with no photobiological risk (EXEMPT GROUP). Classification: CUT OFF.