Eco–Centric Lighting

Eco–Centric Lighting

During the night the artificial lighting must respect the biological rhythms of flora and fauna by preserving the night dark while respecting human needs.

Our technological solutions for lighting outdoor spaces protect biodiversity and human well-being.

What is Eco-Centric Lighting? 

For people to inhabit outdoor space from dusk until dawn, artificial night-time lighting is essential, but it can represent a threat for our ecosystems. Flora and fauna, in fact, depend on the earth’s daily cycle of light and darkness to govern the different actions that sustain life, such as reproduction, nutrition, sleep and protection from predators. 

We have always sought to care for and conserve the environment by developing solutions that can render lit space safe and comfortable, not only for human beings, but for the whole of nature. 

Eco-Centric Lighting is the approach to lighting external spaces whose goal is to safeguard biodiversity and the well-being of humanity. We offer three different solutions that limit light pollution while guaranteeing people safety and visual comfort.


Artificial lighting at night is a need for humans but is also a concrete threat to the natural biological rhythms of flora and fauna. Dark Friendly solutions can preserve the darkness of the night and limit light pollution offering:

  • light warm as needed: from neutral white to amber
  • light when is needed: smart and adaptive
  • light where is needed: downward directed
  • light how much is needed: adjustable and minimized.

Our products in the Dark Friendly collection are available with neutral white light (4000K), warm light (3000K) and ultra-warm light (2200K).


Our Blue Free optic systems are ideal for lighting spaces and paths of significant ecological interest, used mainly by pedestrians or cyclists, such as: conservation areas, nature reserves and mountain, forest and beach trails. This solution safeguards the natural ecosystem by reducing the blue component of light emission to a minimum and generates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for people. 


The Switchable White optical systems alternate an amber light with reduced blue content (CCT=1800K), which protects flora and fauna, with a warm white light (CCT=3000K), which improves human visual performance when traffic is heavier. This solution is ideal for lighting hybrid spaces and paths, which are ecologically interesting but also traveled by vehicles.


Eco-Centric Lighting

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