Expo 2015 green areas, Milan - Cariboni Group
Green areas

Green areas

Milan, Italy

A project of modernization of communication channels, creation of new pedestrian areas and the interventions for redevelopment of all green areas in Milan with the new LED lighting technology on the occasion of Expo 2015.

To choose the most suitable product for this type of interventions A2A Electricity Networks, the company that provides the service of electricity distribution in Milan, has announced a tender won by Cariboni group, which provides 22,000 "Made in Italy" KALOS fittings to illuminate the historical parks of Milan, relaxation areas, playing areas and cycle-pedestrian paths making the city brighter and safer at the most important international event of 2015.

KALOS is a system of urban lighting raised and designed for use only the latest LED technology: its main features are high efficiency and low power consumption, for values of energy savings higher than 60%. 

KALOS system is available in both post top and suspended version: for Milan post top version was chosen, with two types optics – rotosymmetrical optics for lighting of the green areas and cycle-route optics for lighting of the cycle-pedestrian paths.

Project: lucenews.it




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